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South Carolina Apple Festival
Westminster, SC 29693

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Main Street Crowd
Visitors Pack Old Main Street

Apple Festival Time!

It's Apple Festival time in Westminster, South Carolina and Old Main Street is lined with art and crafts booths, food vendors, live entertainment, and a variety of attractions for the entire family.

From the Kiddie Rides, which draw a steady line of youngsters, to booths featuring woodworking, jewelry, clothing, leather goods, and other handicrafts, the street provides blocks of shopping options for visitors and the home town folks alike.

And the food! Whether you prefer a full barbecue dinner, sandwiches, hot dogs, funnel cake, fried apples pies, homemade ice cream, or want to stock up on home grown apples, honey and fruit preserves, it's all there! If you have never tasted a Blossom Onion, this is your chance!

One highlight of each year's festival is the annual Apple Festival Parade, held at 4:30 p.m. Friday afternoon. As always elected officials and those running for public office are on hand for the event including many national, state, and local candidates.

The fun continues throughout the weekend with the Apple Festival Championship Rodeo Friday and Saturday nights, and the activities on Main Street continue all day Saturday, with live entertainment from the Gazebo stage near the Historic Depot buidling.

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